10 inch Folding Electric Bicycle for Adults Electric Scooter Foldable 500W Foldable Scooter Foldable Electric Scooter with Seat

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Tire specs: 10 * 2.5cm

Wheel size: 10 inches

Type of motor: no brush motor

Rated output: 500w

Output voltage:48 v

Output current:12 A

Charge time: 5 hours

Weight of the car: 12-15kg


Endurance: 65KM (samsung 624WH)

Charge number: 800

Meter: digital USB charging instrument, bluetooth speaker

Front and rear lights: front LED lights, rear LED rear lights

Brakes: back and forth

Shock absorber: tire damping

Lift height: no

Battery life: three years

Waterproof performance: the battery is designed in the tube.The water level of 30CM is ok

Surface technology: magnesium alloy spray powder, aluminum surface is oxidized, front and rear slabs are PP nylon