10pcs/set Soft Rubber Magic Hair Care Rollers Silicone Hair Curler

  • Material: PLASTIC
  • Applicable hair: All types hair
  • Item Type: Hair Curler
  • Size: 5cm
  • Type: Hook & Loop
  • Quantity: 10pcs/set

Item Description


Material: gum

Shading: blue


Substantial: 5.0cm outside measurement, 2.0cm inside breadth S: outside width 3.9cm, inside distance across 1.5cm

Bundle Contents:

5 x Large Hair Curler

5 x Small styler


1.Easy To Use- - All hair type wet or dry can be pleasant wavy, free and body wave hair with no electric hair and perm mortar harm drop hair harm degree to 0%.only with basic advances can have decent hair twist wave - roll your hair to roller top hair collapsed simply after all clasp without all pin after all completed garments net top advance pleat hair impact doubly.

2.Soft Sleep Hair Rollers- - made in high versatile security silicone-overly light and delicate extraordinary for having rest for sleep.most of individual like utilize them two at same time.some long hair use for lower a large portion of part.it's ideal After moving hair lay down with delicate pillow.when wake up your wavy or body hair wave will be finished.

3.Many Kinds Of Hair Curly Wave- - huge body, free wave with enormous rollers generally or hair please with little rollers.different bearing of beginning move hair in or out make diverse enemy of twisted hair wave.body wave-make hair opposite to Roller.roll hair in roller move the roller same time until to hair top.loose wave-move hair end to roller keep hair and roller to be 45 edge of inclination.pinch roller by hand and other hand put rest of hair round the roller until To hair top.

4.Easy To Take And Keep- - light weight hair rollers set with the straightforward zipper pack entirely appropriate for movement or holiday.easy clean and store. one morning one magnificence regular wavy hair wave to be enchantment pixie for your darling soon!

rollers set with the transparent zipper bag very suitable for travel or holiday.easy clean and store. one morning one beauty natural curly hair wave to be magic fairy for your lover soon!