120dB Outdoor Egg Shaped Panic Rape Attack Safety Security Personal Alarm Keyring Outdoor EDC TOOL ,pocket Multi Tool

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Use 1: When ladies and girls meet mashers and satire criminals, pull the alarm key ring, and the alarm issued 120dB high frequency alarm sound, giving effective deterrence to mashers and satire criminals; 
Use 2: When the elderly or children in case of disease, loss, encountering robbery and stealing and other emergencies, pull the alarm key ring to arouse the attention of other people around coming to rescue; 
Use 3: For people who are in a state of emergency, such as those who are besieged in the ruins due to earthquakes or other reasons, pull the alarm key holder and the high-frequency sounds cause the attention of the rescuers; 

Size: 6.5 X 4.5 X 2cm/2.56 X 1.77 X 0.79" 
Product weight: about 27g 
Material: ABS plastic 
Rope length: 17cm/6.69" 
Keychain length: 5cm/1.97" 
Power supply: 4 x Button Battery 
Product color: pink, blue, yellow, red, black 
Scope of application: for the elderly, children and women, students safety alarm protection