Anti air blown air conditioning Windshield Air

MSRP: $32.25
(You save $14.00 )


  • Pattern:Printed
  • Material:Blending
  • Style:Korean
size: Adjustable length 124cm wide 30.5cm
(Adjustable models apply to a very wide range of hanging air conditioners)
  Material: ABS+Oxford cloth+stainless steel/iron   package: Carton
  weight: Scalable adjustment section: 720g;   Method of sale: Single pack
  Style: As the color list shows, the color is optional
  summary: Made of ABS+Oxford cloth+stainless steel/iron, strong and durable. Suspension design, nail-free drilling-free, installed in the air-conditioning to prevent cold air blowing, scalable, adjustable, suitable for different lengths of air conditioning, easy to use.