Anti Pollution PM2.5 Mouth Mask Dust Respirator Washable Reusable Masks Cotton Unisex




Pertinent Gender: Neutral (male/female)

Flexible size(L*W): 23*14cm/9*5.5inch

Reasonable season: fall, winter

Capacity: against PM2.5, hostile to mist and cloudiness, modern enemy of contamination, hostile to vehicle exhaust, dust, used smoke, dust hypersensitivity, Cold Keep warm, and so on

Eleven decisions for you(colors):

#1 wine red/#2 profound purple/#3 dark/#4 naval force blue/#5 dim/#6 pink/#7 red white/#8 dark white/#9 dim/#10 espresso/#11 blue, simply supplant your decisions with #1,#2....numbers is alright.


1,After wearing the cover, movable nose piece as per every individual diverse nose shape to get fit with the face, so the fixing impact is better, and the client wearing the glasses can adequately lessen the misting after modification.

2,Breath valve plan, a similar position exchanges twice, it lessens warmth and dampness amassing

3, the customizable size of flexible earloop, with the goal that increasingly agreeable to wear agreeable.

4, the following along the cozy U-molded structure, increment the mouth and jaw solace and fixing, doesn't influence the language of correspondence

5, embed the 5 layer channel PM2.5 channel (accompany 2pcs PM2.5 Filter paper)

6, module structure

7, Soft, warm, great dampness porousness and wicking impact, it keeps the face dry and open to, enduring impact.


1, module channel can not be cleaned, it is generally supplanted once every 7-10 days. In the event that the air contamination is not kidding, supplant it once every 3-5days.

2, the channel oil on the film or with clingy silt stains are more, it would be ideal if you supplant the channel.

3, the air doesn't stream, poor breathing or rest, the preclusion of utilization

4, youngsters younger than two precluded the utilization of

Cleaning technique:

1, module channel can not be cleaned .

2, the proposed impartial cleanser with water weakened, put the veil into the water(remove the channel), hand tenderly rub, dry in the breezy shade

3, don't long absorb the washing fluid or water, to maintain a strategic distance from the utilization of fade

4, if it's not too much trouble organize the cleaning cycle as per the utilization of the general suggestions 1-multi week cleaning time.




1 x Fashion Mouth Mask

1Bag=2Pcs X PM2.5 Filter paper ( Each packs have 2pcs channel )