Automatic Soap Dispenser ABS Plastic Sensor Touchless

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Key Features
  • Comes With Smart Motion Technology
  • Gets Activated Only When In Need
  • Higly Responsive Sensor
  • Prevents Germs And Viruses From Spreading
  • Wide Opening For Easier Faster Refilling   


Automatic Soap Dispenser - Perfect Addition For Hygienic Living 
All those who want their family to lead a healthy living without any diseases, for them, we have brought this Handsfree Auto Soap Dispenser. Now, no need to use soap to wash your hand as it ends up to be sloppy, slippery and full of germs. To avoid such situation, grab this soap magic dispenser that gives perfect amount of soap is needed to wash hand. It is uniquely designed to avoid wastage and mess. 

Easy Usage And Maintenance Of Magic Soap Dispenser
This automatic soap dispenser is so easy to use that you just have to place your hand under the dispenser and soap will flow out on your hand. It is operated with the help of 4 AAA batteries. It is a must in the house where there are children to avoid wastage of soap and keep them away from germs.