Baby swimming pool Inflatable Play Swimming Pool

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weight: 6 kg
appropriate ages: over 3 years
storage capacity: 276L
Product Feature
1. High-quality materials: use of ultra-strong carbon-tough thermal polymerization pvc, quilted with world-class technology, fully streamlined design, rigorous testing is done in accordance with international standards. Practical, stable, non-toxic, slow and strong impact, products undergo strict pressure, wear resistance, low temperature, non-toxic tests.
2. Non-toxic safety: streamlined design, without any importance to protect the safety of children. After the United States European children's toys including non-toxic safety tests, fully meet the strictest US and European standards. You can completely with the United States, Europe and parents choose for their kids swimming products.
3. Beautiful convenience: Inflatable swimming pool small volume, the volume of gas let go after the volume of the average household with leaves like big, light in weight, or suburban children to finish the year put in the backpack to carry folding up.
4. Baby Role: baby born is not afraid of water, and soon after birth can not play in the water, 0-8-year-olds play regularly swim in the water, his digestive system, nervous system, the development of the respiratory system was significantly better than the other children. baby swimming, the body of muscles and joints ligaments doing exercise, mental relaxation, the heart of God joy, petition filed by the outer periphery of feedback to stimulate the cerebral cortex of brain development have a good effect. those who insist on a period of time the family baby swimming baby to eat well, sleep incense, good digestion, strong immune system. Meanwhile, the child's personality, great coordination and intelligence engine has greatly improved.