Brace Adjustable Shoulder Support With Pressure Pad

  • Thing Type : Braces and Supports

    Effect : Release Pain From Illness

    Material : Cotton, ABS

    Highlights :

    1. Settle YOUR SHOULDER - Suffering from shoulder torment? This shoulder bolster prop alleviates torment by packing and protecting your shoulder. Adaptable and strong it gives the agreeable strength you require. The time has come to feel great once more!

    2. ICE, COMPRESS and SUPPORT-If you address bear tendinitis at an opportune time, home treatment is normally adequate for full recuperation. With an inherent ice pack holder, this shoulder wrap makes compacting, icing and breathing a sigh of relief to fit into your bustling life!

    3. GET COMFORTABLE - Comfort matters. This movable shoulder prop bolsters your shoulder without limiting movement or cutting in. High versatility and nylon catch lashes keep the wrap immovably set up, so you can move unhesitatingly and easily.

    4. Solid SUPPORT - Made of breathable neoprene, this shoulder prop bolster protects and packs the harmed zone to build blood stream and diminish aggravation. It immovably underpins your ligaments and muscles, enabling them to rest and recuperate.

    5. Long haul HEALTH-You need to carry on a solid, sound and dynamic life. This shoulder prop for ladies and men makes that conceivable by giving the dependable, top notch bolster you require. Make the wisest decision for your body, and take your solid life back!


    Rotator sleeve and AC joint help

    Assuages tendinitis, separations and constant shoulder torment

    Packs to build course and decrease irritation

    Adaptable, breathable and agreeable structure

    Simple to modify without help

    Strong, lightweight materials

    Thin structure fits under garments

    Does not slacken or move while wearing

    Widespread structure for men and ladies

    Gives left and right shoulder bolster

    Alleviates and Prevents:

    Rotator Cuff Pain

    Solidified Shoulder

    Disjoined AC Joint

    Bursitis and Tendinitis

    Labrum Tear

    Strains and Sprains

    Estimate : Free Size, The versatile neoprene and movable, so it is appropriate for your size.

    Type : Left and Right,Please pick what type you need to influence arrange, to bless your heart.

    Bundle Content:

    1Pcs * Shoulder Brace