Children Mosquito Bug Reliever Bite Helper Itching Relieve Pen Adult Neutralizing Itch Irritation



This tingling alleviation pen can give warmth and vibration to advance blood stream and course and help lessen tingling inclination from the mosquito chomps

This chomp assistant don't utilize any compound item and is non-dangerous and safe to utilize and is ideal for children skin

This enemy of tingle pen utilize 2PCS AA battery to control and is low energe consumption,so it can without much of a stretch be utilized for quite a while before you have to change the battery

This mosquito nibble help pen is made of strong material and the case is intense and hard to break,a durable device for utilizing at home

This mosquito chomp reliever has a smooth surface which is agreeable touch and hold,make it simple to work and agreeable to utilize


Measure: 16.3*3.5*2.5cm

Shading: Black

Material: ABS + electronic segments

Specifications:2Pcs AA Battery (Not Include)

Tips:In request to guarantee that each item we issue is working appropriately, we will open the first bundling for quality review, so the purchaser gets the item without the first bundling, we will give the item a drop-confirmation bundling, and after that place it in Courier pack, if it's not too much trouble know

At the point when the item is working regularly, it is joined by light, vibration, pen head warming.


1. Introduce the battery.

2. Adjust the tip to the nibble and press the pen catch.

3. Hang tight for 10 seconds, you can rapidly assuage, mitigate swelling and tingling!


1. The temperature of the pen head can achieve 48 degrees Celsius, that is, 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the client's skin surface will feel the consuming vibe of the star.

Kids under 2 years of age ought not be utilized.

Bundle List:

1 * Bite Helper Pen