Classic Driving Photochromic Sunglasses Men



  • Eyewear Type : Sunglasses

    Thing Type : Eyewear

    Focal point Height : 39mm

    Focal point Width  : 64mm

    Gender  : Men 

    Focal points Material : TAC

    Style : Goggle

    Focal points Optical Attribute : UV400,Polarized,Photochromic

    Edge Material : Alloy

    Division Name : Adult

    200000462 : 200001267

    200000137 : 200002146

    zk : 5-6

    What are photochromic focal points?

    Photochromic focal points are likewise alluded to as light-touchy focal points". Glass focal points are including silver halide, yet now is the standard of photochromic pitch focal points, including of spiro and different synthetic substances in the acrylic sap focal point, so the first vapid and straightforward focal points, in splendid light, will wind up shaded focal points, to do the security, so is appropriate for indoor and open air use.

    Photochromic focal point optical glass containing silver halide microcrystals, phototropy reversible response as indicated by the guideline, in the daylight and UV illumination variable dim, totally ingest bright and noticeable light assimilation of nonpartisan; back to the dim, can reestablish the dry straightforward.

    Photochromic focal points are for the most part utilized in outside fields, snow fields and indoor light sources, in order to keep daylight and bright light from harming the eyes.

    Warm tips

    1.Please effectively comprehend photochromic glasses, the shading profundity relying upon Sun UV power.

    2.Test staining, it is prescribed to test at twelve, twelve sun UV solid, staining can accomplish the best outcomes, more test a few times, the impact is better.