DIY Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Assembled With Voice-activated Light Music Handmade kits Building model Travel Caravan For Girls

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This is a DIY dollhouse, delicate, lovely, and quickly take action now to create a house for youreself.
It need two pieces of AAA batteries! And this product is not equipped with a battery,you need to buy it
by yourself!

Color: Colorful
Material: Wood
Size: 28 x 14 x 28.5cm
Suitable For: Children over the age of fourteen

1. The use of LED lights, brighter and more power
2 Music 8-tone metal movement, golden pure, durable, and does not require batteries, environmental protection
3. Almighty Voice, a switch easy! A clap on, clap off again, not because people talk or other common source of interference and affected
The lamp comes with an electronic voice, without adding battery
5. The dust cover is made of a transparent plexiglass sheet, and the protection against scratches
6. Recreational vehicle. wooden body is integrally formed

Packing Included
A set of DIY dollhouse (without AAA battery)