Electric Hair Ionic Brush Hair Straightener Brush



  • Thing Type : Iron

    Max. temperature : 230°C

    Ideal styling time : Less than 1 min.

    Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode : 360° Rotatable

    Administration life of warm plate/bar : 5,000-multiple times

    Indoor regulator Adjustment Segments : Others

    Material : Ionic Brush

    Power : Less than 25 W

    Ware Quality Certification : CE

    Material of warm plate/bar : Tourmaline earthenware

    Power Source : Electric

    Certification : CE

    Measurement of warm conductor : More than 31 mm

    Min. temperature : 160 °C

    Appropriate hair : Dry

    Temperature Controller : Knob

    Show Number : FMBS468

    Measurements Of Heating Plate : 60x15mm

    Item : Hair Ionic Brush

    Hair Straightener Brush : Negative particle brush

    Item Description

    Convenient Electric Hair Ionic Brush Hair Straightener Brush Negative particle brush Anti-static Massage Mini Straight Hair brush

    Highlights :

    l High quality and spic and span

    l Seal and smooth split closures

    l Make hair gentler and shinier

    l Minimize warm harm

    l Relax the head and dispense with pressure

    l Round Comb Teeth Design : successfully tackle the issue of hair bunch and back rub the scalp

    l Built-in negative particle generator, in the wake of opening the negative particles switch, rich negative particles are ceaselessly conveyed from the negative particles discharge port, diminish hair frizz

    l When open the vibrate switch, the brush will vibrate back rub and discharge negative particles in the meantime, Combing the hair while advancing your scalp blood dissemination to make you feel progressively good and make your hair more advantageous

    l Easy To Disassemble : Removable air pad, simple to clean

    l Mini Body : Compact size and convenient, let you feel good to hold, even you can place it in the satchel, and use it at anyplace and whenever

    l More Healthier : Long-term use can decrease male pattern baldness, soothe cerebral pains and discombobulation

    l Powered by 2*AAA battery(Battery is excluded)

    l 2 hues : pink, Mint Green

    Bundle incorporates:


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