Electric Pulse Neck Massager Cervical Vertebra Impulse Massage

MSRP: $45.99
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  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: ABS
  • Application: Neck
  • Color: White
  • Size: 18*11.5cm
  • Weight: 174g
  • Function: Pulse Neck Massager
  • Feature: Cervical Vertebra Impulse Massage



Ergonomics. The massager received U shape, is as per the streamline and ring-type plan of human neck cervical. Additionally, the neck lash can be acclimated to 160°, you can alter it openly.

6 modes transferable and 10 sorts of power flexible. You can pick any mode or power as indicated by your need.

Attractive impact. The implicit attractive can rub human acupoint, which can adjust the sensory system, enhance the oxygen supply, microcycle and the sustenance status of the tissue cells.

Electric heartbeat knead. It can animate over and again nerve acupoint to advance digestion, loosen up muscles and dispense with soreness and so on.

3D canny fit innovation. You can undoubtedly change anode as indicated by your neck bend.

Terminal fix. It joins an assortment of back rub strategies in conventional Chinese prescription, advancing blood course, knead inclusion all the more generally.

The massager can be utilized on neck, back, leg and abdomen and so forth, relevant for the entire body.


It is prescribed that you should utilize a wet towel to wet the neck before utilizing it and make the instrument totally near your necks, else, you will feel neck shivering and rashes.


Does working extra minutes, huge amounts of stress, absence of physical exercises, family unit tasks sound commonplace?

Did you realize that workplace can incite pressure, which in its turn triggers cerebral pains, neck torment, rehashed headaches, solid neck and resting issue?

You will state that every one of these side effects are not perilous. No doubt, that is valid, however you can't deny such distress can influence your vocation, family, and personal satisfaction.

Inactive way of life and poor stance are likewise no great to our wellbeing. Indeed, even hard preparing in the exercise center subsequent to sitting the entire day at your work area can prompt squeezed nerves, tight muscles, and distinctive kinds of wounds. So what, no physical action by any means? Or on the other hand is there an answer?

Electric Pulse Neck Massager is an electric heartbeat massager that facilitates the muscles pressure and cervical weariness.

The gadget has streamline plan and its U shape was embraced as per the human neck cervical.

The implicit magnets give back rub of human acupoints, in this manner profiting the focused on muscle tissues and sensory system by and large. Such attractive treatment decreases pressure and finds the equalization throughout everyday life. The mechanical activity acknowledged by electric heartbeat invigorates the nerve acupoint.

In addition, because of 3D insightful fit innovation anybody can without much of a stretch modify the cathodes as indicated by their own neck. Anode fix guarantees the utilization of a various strategies in Chinese customary prescription back rub. In this way, the massager can be utilized on numerous body parts, for instance, neck, back, leg and midsection, and so forth.

Leave your cervical weakness before and feel like you were 18 once more!



Equalizations your sensory system

Dispenses with torment

Loosens up muscles

Advances blood flow

Enhances oxygen supply, microcycle, nourishment of the tissue cells

Advances digestion.