Electric Roller Face Lift Machine For Wrinkle Removal

MSRP: $89.78
(You save $10.00 )


1, squeezing the switch at the machine opens up the machine to send a sound, the blue LED is on, a little sub-segment 5, for five slows down.

2, after utilize, press the switch, kill the machine, the machine sinking sound articulated, blue lights off.

3. While charging, the machine sound expressed ascent (not nonstop ring), the blue pointer illuminate successively from left to right; when completely charged, the blue LED will illuminate.

The principle highlights:

A lessening in scarce differences and wrinkles

2 recharge skin dampness, making the skin more smooth

3 to decrease puffiness and swelling

4 obvious firming and forming to make listing skin decrease

5 pores

6 diminish clogged pores and skin inflammation

7 to diminish scarring and dejection

8 to diminish dark circles and packs under the eyes

9 diminish the indications of dermatitis, rosacea and melasma