Electronic Piggy Bank Safe Box Money Boxes for Children


"My own cash box" is guarding my things.

It would appear that toys, it is a little coffer for budgetary administration. With your very own secret word and voice, you can set aside extra cash and set up investment funds objectives and plan accounts.

It tends to be utilized to store toys, adornments, passbook, etc. Coins on the opening can be put into coins,like a little cash can,can additionally put notes.


Material: ABS

Item estimate: 19 x 13.5 x 13cm/7.48 x 5.31 x 5.12"

Bundle measure: 20.5*14.5*14.5cm/8.07*5.71*5.71"

Color:Blue/Black/Pink/Navy Blue/Silver/Red/Green/White


If you don't mind introduce the battery before use. 3 "AA" batteries.

1. If you don't mind utilize the new battery and prescribe the size and detail required for the cash box

2. Try not to blend new and utilized batteries.

3. Try not to blend with different kinds of batteries, can not utilize basic batteries.

4. On the off chance that you intend to utilize the cash box for half a month, evacuate the battery. Since the synthetic substances spilled from batteries can harm electronic parts.

To open the cash box, you first need to enter a four digit secret key. The default secret key for the safe is: 0

Pursue these means to utilize the safe.

Enter the 4 digit secret phrase, the green light will illuminate. In the event that you enter the wrong secret phrase, the red light will go on and a "PLEASE TRY AGAIN" will sound to let you know.

Pivot the handle clockwise and pull the entryway open. The green light will keep going for around 10 seconds, and you will hear the squeaky opening. In the event that the entryway opens for over 10 seconds, the green light goes off and signals at regular intervals. Stop blare and close the entryway.

Put the notes in the cash box, and the notes can be legitimately entered. At that point you can get the cash straightforwardly as indicated by the secret word.

When you have completed, close the entryway and lock it well.

To change the secret phrase, pursue these means:

Enter the present secret phrase (default 0000) and open the protected entryway.

Press the "*" catch, the green light and the red glimmering.

Enter the new 4 bit secret phrase in 15 seconds, and affirm the new secret key by squeezing it. The two lights quit blazing.


On the off chance that the new secret key isn't entered in 15 seconds, the program will stop, and the program must be restarted.

Discharge the * catch and close the entryway. Signal or voice input the present secret key and open the entryway.

Push the switch (entryway back) to one side or right side to push signal or talk.


1. Because of the diverse screen and light impact, the genuine shade of the thing may be marginally not the same as the shading appeared on the photos. Much thanks to you!

2. If you don't mind permit 1-3cm estimating deviation because of manual estimation.



1 x Money Box