Fahion SRS Surround Sound High Quality House Karaoke metaphone uni-directional Microphone Player for PC Laptop phone Wholesale

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  • Brand Name:WLNGWEAR
  • Package:Yes
  • Style:Headset with microphone
  • Model number:M-2480
  • Fit Type:Multi-Kits Microphone
  • Communication:Wiring
  • Transducer:Condenser microphone
  • Polar patterns:Omnidirectional
  • Usage:As show


adapted frequency response provides vocal intelligibility and freshness
uni-directional microphone pattern, minimize ambient noise
condenser microphone large heating element, rich
smoothrecordings, extended frequency response is excellent for singing, voice and instrument
switch Overload protection, minimize the distortion of high sound sources
under reduction switch reduces ambient noise
bright, elegant color and refresh the
Ideal for study of radio transmission, voice sound, recording, etc. 


Frequency range: 20Hz-
20KHz Sensitivity: -28dB ± 3dB
Charging power supply: DC 5 V 
impedance: 2.2 K 
operating voltage: 1.0-10 V 
charging time; 1-2 hours 
power supply: built-in lithium battery (250 mAH) 
microphone: capacitance microphone 
product weight: 0.32 kg 
product size: 16 cm * 5 cm * 3 cm 
Color: Gold / Rose Gold / Silver 

note :
1. This is a condenser microphone only works with the device that can supply enough power for that. 
2. Can be used with mobile phone and tablet pc. 
3. If you want a better sound effect, 

Package Content:

1 x Microphone 
1 x Audio cable 
1 x Earphone