Foot Corn Remover

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  • Type :Foot Patch
  • Model Number :Foot Patch
  • Item Type :Foot Care Too


The Corn Remover Pads is delivered by chinese conventional medicie and propelled innovation. The corn mortar with gap can lessen the agony of your corn by diminishing the grinding of your corn with shoes. It is a superior answer for the general population who experiences the sore spot.

ToullGo Corn Remover Bandages Clear wrap offers ultra sheer solace. Item contains characteristic elastic latex. For the expulsion of corns. Calms torment by expelling corns.

Glue gauze holds immovably set up for agreeable fit. Delicate pad diminishes excruciating weight. Cured cushion fits over corn. Protected, simple, compelling.

Notice: After utilize, corns or wart part will be white, after air pocket water, can essentially "curved, fat," feeling. Now you can utilize a toothpick to pick off the loss of corn.

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Step by step instructions to utilize:

1. For better grip spotless and dry the feet.

2. Expel a corn top from the sponsorship paper and position the felt ring over the corn.

3. Immovably apply in position with cement ties. At the point when appropriately connected, it ought not slip or move.

4. Change the corn top each two days until the point when the corn is effectively expelled. A greatest of five corn tops ought to be utilized per corn.