Full Automatic Car Cover Umbrella Outdoor Car Tent


Product name:Car umbrella
Working Current:1A
Power value:900
Expand size: 4000 * 2100 MM
Receive size: 870*260*180 MM


1.The separation between the auto umbrella and the rooftop is the wind stream layer, and regardless of whether the surface temperature of the car\'s umbrella ascents, the warmth won't be transmitted to the auto.

2.Small size after capacity, simple to convey.

3.The best cover covers a vast territory, which can shroud the leaves, fowl droppings, dust, corrosive rain et cetera.


1. Try not to drive your auto when utilizing auto umbrella.

2.When opening the auto umbrella, if it's not too much trouble loop up the counter breeze snare.

3.Don't utilize an auto umbrella amid stormy climate

4.In instance of high breezes need to put the auto umbrella up, if it's not too much trouble open all the auto umbrella catch, and after that open the windbreak, to acknowledge, or might be blown down.

5.If there is a blame, press the reset change to check on the off chance that it can get, if not, connection to the charging source, check whether the battery is dead, in the event that regardless it can\'t, evacuate the bolt stick and physically get it

6.The rooftop isn't level, the rooftop is delicate, not appropriate for utilize.