Hair perm hair dryer nursing dye hair modelling warm air drying treatment cap

  • Item Type :Cap
  • Quantity :1pcs
  • Size:diameter : 250mm
  • Material: Nylon
  • type use: Dyeing, perm, Hair care,easy to use
  • 1: Have ventilation holes
  • 2: 10-15 Minutes to complete a perm hair dye
  • 3: No radiation, safe, easy to use
  • total length: 103cm, Error 2 cm

Diffuser Hairdryers Perm Hair Styling Tools Warm Air Drying Baking Oil Cap Safer Than Home Heating Cap

100% Brand new and high caliber

Safe to utilize, agreeable and advantageous

The hood can be utilized for profound molding, hot oils and warmth medicines

Flexible toward the finish of cylinder holds the hood on the hair dryer

Drawstring to fix around head

Use with hair dryer

Material: nylon

Thing weight: Approx. 60g

Shading: Random conveyance

Bundle included:

1 pc Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet

Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-HeatingEasy-use-Hair-perm-hair-dryer-nursing-dye-hair-modelling-warm-air-drying-treatment-cap-homeHTB1UNqhNpXXXXX8XpXXq6xXFXXXPDiffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (1)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (2)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (3)Diffuser-Hairdryers-Perm-Hair-Styling-Tools-Warm-Air-Drying-Baking-Oil-Cap-Safer-Than-Home-Heating (4)