High Pressure Car Wash Water Gun Electric Washer Water Hose Wand Water Jet Nozzle Water Cleaning Electric Wash Gun

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100% brand new and high quality. 
Can be connected to any standard garden hose; It can also be used with a pressure washer powered system that uses the included adapter. 
The washer spray wand has ball valve for control, such as in, off, and flow adjustment. 
perfect for electric cold water pressure washers; It can be used as water wash gun, irrigation garden tools. 
brass ball valve user material than ordinary steel;

Material: (tube) + aluminum alloy (ball valve) + copper (TPR) handle 
suitable for: car washing, lawn cleaning, flooring, large items and so on. 
Color: Silver + blue 
size: 465X40X30mm / 18.3X1.57X1.18 " 
net weight: about 290g 
gross weight: about 343g

1 X High Pressure Electric Washer