Hip trainer Pelvic Floor Muscle Inner Thigh Buttocks Exerciser Bodybuilding Home Fitness

  • Function: Legs
  • Classified by Exerciser Number: 1
  • Model Number: Thigh Buttocks Exerciser
  • Brand Name: narcissism
  • Teaching Mode: Pelvic Floor Muscle Inner
  • Item: Hip Pelvic Floor Muscle Inner
  • Color: pink/red/black/purple/blue/orange
  • Fitness: Home fitness Exerciser
  • Feature: Thigh Buttocks Tight Supplie
  • Equipment: Fitness Beauty Equipment
  • Hip Trainer: Bladder Control Device


Step by step instructions to utilize

Step1: Place the item at 3-6cm beneath the posterior, and the thigh should be braced hard to shape a pressure pose. the heels are shut and the toes are isolated by 40 degrees.

Stage 2: The thigh adductor muscles are gradually applying power, while butt inward and the gluteus maximus muscle are at the same time applying power to close the sentiment of the wing.

Stage 3: Breathe from the base of the guts for 5 seconds, at that point gradually breathing in and return. 8-12 times of throughput at any given moment. Like the hips infusing power, the hips from the base up.


1. Directed preparing of the pelvic floor muscles, adding to pelvic decrease.

2. Helpful for self-preparing at home, in the rec center and office.

3. Can enable you to tone, fix and firm your hips and bottom that you've needed.

4. Simple utilizing, without the restricted of time and spot.


Material: ABS


Bundle Included:

1 PC x Hip Trainer