Home Gas CO Sensor Warning Alarm



  • DIY Supplies : Electrical

    Gas Type : CO

    Demonstrate Number : CO Carbon Sensor

    With LCD Screen Or Not : Yes

    Highlights :

    An ideal thing for shielding your family from the perils of carbon monoxide

    Propelled dimension of security, simple to peruse with the computerized presentation, even in low light conditions

    Showcases the dimension of carbon monoxide the unit is detecting

    Green LED : Flashes like clockwork to demonstrate the unit is working legitimately. The green LED will likewise streak before CO perusing is taken and when any catch is squeezed.

    Red LED : When a hazardous dimension of carbon monoxide is recognized the red LED will beat and an uproarious alert example will sound. The carbon monoxide caution design is 4 short blares, trailed by 5 seconds of quiet, trailed by 4 short signals with a relating red LED streak. This cycle will proceed for 4 minutes and after that change to 1 cycle each moment until the point when the gadget is reset or the CO is disposed of.

    Test/Reset catch is intended for week by week testing in the event that it works appropriately and reset the unit amid CO caution

    Cautions clients when batteries should be supplanted

    This caution is profoundly prescribed to be mounted on a divider surface

    Minimized, lightweight and simple to work


    Affectability/Alarm Time : Within 60~90 minutes at 50ppm CO focus;

    Inside 10~40 minutes at 100ppm CO focus;

    Inside 3 minutes at 300ppm CO focus

    LCD Displayer (discretionary) 4 digits LCD displayer

    Perceptibility : 85dB ( at 1m remove ), Frequency 3 - 0.5KHZ

    Reserve Current : <50mA

    Caution Current :  <50mA

    Reserve Mode : Green Led flashes once at regular intervals

    Caution Mode : Red Led rapidly flashes multiple times with unit twittering at regular intervals, at that point repeat,Low-bat Indicator:Chirp each 30 as battery lower than 3.3V with green LED blazing and Lb on LCD

    Mal-work Indicator : Chirp each 30 with green LED out and Err on LCD

    Power utilization : 0.3mW

    Fueled By : 3 x AA Batteries (excluded)

    Particulars :

    Shading : White

    Estimate : 10 x 4cm

    Sensor :  Electrochemical CO sensor