Household Appliances Vertical Steamer Garment Steamers with Steam Irons Brushes Iron for Ironing Clothes for Home 110V 220V

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. product: garment steamer

2. color: purple ,blue

3. power: 110V or 220V ; EU plug or US plug; 800W

4. function: vertical steam ,straight steam

5. soleplate: ceramic soleplate



1.   Avoid to leakage , please don’t press the steam button when red indicator light ,please close the temperature button before add water.

2.  Only Max file of temperature button will produce steam.

3.  Using steps: firstly, turn off the temperature button; then add water and connect the power; finally turn on the temperature button.

4.  Avoid to damage clothing, please add brush when vertical steam , please add a piece cotton cloth when straight steam or dry steam.

5.   If can’t produce steam: add water, connect the power , turn temperature button to MAX file, plat the machine . When the indicator light off, continuous and fast to press the steam button until produce steam.