Interactive Pet Dogs Cats Food Dispenser Ball



The intelligent toy ball effectively unscre ws to include sustenance or treats,as well as to make cleaning simple.Hand wash each part with warm,sudsy water.Rinse and dry before filling.


It is an entertaining canine producing toy, it can give the puppy a chance to see, smell, hear it and found the treats inside the toy. It can emerge the intrigue and the cravings of the puppies!

Backs Off FEEDING:

At the point when by putting a part of your dog`s treats in this ball, they must choose the option to eat what is apportioned. They require more work to eat. This hard word is remunerated with nourishments or treats, once they leave the toy.The toy backs off encouraging to assist help with processing and swelling.


The pooch toy ball decreases weariness and dangerous conduct however sound play and exercise while creating and keeping up your dog`s physical sharpness, as to satisfy their chasing senses.

100% SAFE:

Pet Food Ball with nourishment allocator is ultra tough, non-lethal and non-smell material. It is 100% safe for all pets. Astounding plastic is utilized to make this Pet Food Ball.


Sort : Pet Ball Toy

Material : Plastic

Amount : 1pcs


Is your valuable pooch a quick eater? Or on the other hand your cherished feline sluggish and likes to rest throughout the day? Keep them solid and dynamic in the meantime by giving them a chance to play with the Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy. This vault molded toy administers nourishment when your pets play with it. It gives your pets their genuinely necessary exercise funly by compensating them with treats.

Treats container

This toy discharges regard motivators as your pets move it over the floor. It has a straightforward outline and two openings on the covers so your pets can see and smell the treats inside to keep them intrigued. Your pets will invest hours playing and endeavoring to lick each and every piece out of it, keeping their cerebrum and belly similarly satisfied.

Simple to utilize

Open the cover and fill it with dry puppy/feline nourishment. You can utilize the lever at the base to alter the opening so you can apportion substantial or little treats. At long last, secure the top and lay the toy on the floor. Your pets will be tested, involved, and engaged for a considerable length of time!

Keep your pets solid and dynamic

Since they need to play with the toy to get sustenance, it will require a greater amount of a push to eat. This keeps your pets dynamic and versatile. It even anticipates quick eating as it draws out your pets' sustaining so they can process treats better. Also, it gives a sound play that decreases weariness and dangerous conduct.

Simple to refill and clean

The toy's segment parts are separable so refilling is a breeze. It likewise makes aftercare substantially less demanding. Dishwasher safe.

Safe and sturdy

Created out of a top notch ABS plastic, it can withstand even the mightiest of jaws and hooks. Non-lethal and unscented, it's the most secure toy you can provide for your pets.