Laser Pen Freckle Tattoo Acne Pigment Removal Mole Freckle Treatment Machine Beauty Face Skin Care

MSRP: $100.99
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  • Type: Blackhead Remover
  • False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Size: 21.2x6x4.7cm
  • Material : ABS and Stainless Steel
  • Use For: Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
  • Feature: Acne Treatment, Skin Care
  • Function: Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment Removal
  • Type: Mole Freckle and Tattoo Removal
  • Frequency: Blue light 9 levels/ Red light 3 levels
  • Laser Energy Intensity: 4 Levels
  • Advantage: Without hurting, without blooding




1.The laser beat width short, no photon warm impact, no harm to the unblemished tissue.

2.The intense and ultra quick laser speed can in a flash purpose melanin.

3.Without hurt and harms to any skin tissues.

4.Less utilize times, to accomplish better impacts.

5.Suitable for an extensive variety of customers,long term impact is more obvious,more tough and safe.

Favorable position:

1. Proficient

The laser pillar can adequately resolve melanin into fine particles, in order to advance skin digestion and diminish melanin stores.

2. Quicker

Quicker laser pillar and more engaged laser vitality to clean and expel long-standing melanin issues.

3. Powerful

All the more great laser pillar, cause no harms to skin tissues and clean more thoroughly.

4. Extensive

Decrease spots and dim spots, refine skin from inside way.

5. More secure

No harms and damages to skin tissues, safe to utilize.


1. Tattoo expulsion

2. Mole expulsion

3. Dull Spot/Freckle/Pigment evacuation

4. Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning

5. Skin break out Treatment

Red Picosecond Pen: (Power Larger)suitable for expelling tattoo/eyebrows ...

Blue Picosecond Pen: (Less Power)suitable for expelling spots/scar/wart mole ...


1. Before utilize the picosecond pen, the skin ought to be covered with Anesthetic.

2. After utilization, it ought to be covered with repair Plaster to Prevent bacterial disease.

3. It would be ideal if you begin from the most minimal level, at that point gradually conform to the appropriate level.

4. Blue laser pen : Have 9 level and the 9 level is most minimal recurrence.

Red lase pen: Have 3 level and the 3 level is most minimal recurrence.