Liquid Lawn System

MSRP: $40.99
(You save $18.00 )

Item: Seed Cans

Condition: 100% fresh out of the box new

Color: As picture appear

Material: PP+ABS

Weight: 410g

Bundle incorporates: 1pc water jars or fluids


Connects to any garden hose and dispenses with mystery by obviously demonstrating to you where you are planting.

Each pack will reseed a 100 foot square territory, or 200 spots and contains: the splash head, the covering chamber (canister).

Develop grass anyplace. The grass develops where you shower it. (Subject to legitimate care).

It is anything but difficult to apply and gives the ideal answer for mortgage holders with sketchy yards that need repair. Fix dry spots, puppy spots, high movement territories and shade.

It would be ideal if you take after all headings on bundle to accomplish and set up an alluring yard. Accomplishing and keeping up a lavish looking garden isn't troublesome on the off chance that you utilize it. Keep in mind appropriate arrangement and watering is significant for seeding achievement.

Headings ON HOW TO USE IT:

Stage 1: PREPARE THE AREA BEFORE PLANTING Remove flotsam and jetsam, dead grass, lossen top layer of soil, soak with water

Stage 2: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT With an EMPTY canister, associate the spout to the canister and your garden hose and just water your grass to get a vibe of how It canister functions.

Stage 3: KNOW YOUR COVERAGE AREA It System accompanies enough seed and added substance to treat 100 square feet; that is a 10 foot by 10 foot region.

Stage 4: PLANTING TIME Pour the whole pack of grass seed and mousse added substance into the canister. With the dial in the off position, interface the hose and turn on the water. Turn the dial to light seed, and fill the canister 3 quarters loaded with water, at that point kill the water for no less than 30 seconds to permit appropriate covering of the seeds. When you are prepared, walk out on and begin seeding the territory you need to treat. Turn the unit on/off as you travel through your garden.

Stage 5: WATERING AND GROWING YOUR NEW LAWN Water your recently seeded region 2-3 times each day, keeping the dirt soggy for the initial 14 days. It takes between 7-14 days for the seeds to sprout and up to 30 days for full development scope.

We recommend wearing gloves.