LPSECURITY 1pc door sensor burglar alarm / portable flashlight travel in auto-defense alarm door window alarm detector

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his item is a door alarm defense Traveler, who can easily connect to any doors to offer you peace of mind while you sleep. It is easy to use and install, it only involves hanging on the door knob and placing the metal clip on the door jamb. If it detects vibrations the 100dB alarm will sound. It is perfect for hotel rooms, bedrooms or anywhere you would like to gurd. next door, it has a practical built-in flashlight.
It is very simple, effective and affordable to protect your belongings when traveling, or use in your home or office.
Main Feature
  • New and high quality
  • ULTRA PORTABLE and LIGHT -Fully portable, easy to install / remove from use at home OR while traveling
  • SPRING CLAMP alarm ACTIVATION mechanism activated with unauthorized entry
  • POWERFUL ALARM 100DB-LE Warns of any intrusion and break in, loud enough to alert neighbors
  • EASY TO INSTALL-Simply hang the unit on the door knob and place the metal clip between the door and the door jamb-no tools required
  • Power by 2pcs CR2032 Button Batteries
  • Retail package, suitable for own use or for resale

Dimension: 2.75 * 1.25 * 0.5 In.

Weight (oz): 3.2 oz

Color: Orange-White, Silver-Gray

power supply: 2 X CR2032 Button Batteries (not included).


steps of the operation

1) Open the battery cover, put in 2 pcs AAA batteries.

2) put the magnetic box on the right side of the main box, and then turn the switch ON "ON"

3) The item will start alarming when the magnetic box moves away.

4) The item will stop alarming when the magnetic box gets togehter with the main box.

5) Please replace the batteries when the alarm sound becomes small.