Manual Apple Peeler Machine Practical Fruit Peeling Hand Potato Fruits Slicer Cutter Sharp Blades Kitchen Gadgets

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Type:Fruit Vegetable Tools
Usage instructions:
1. Screw mounted on the turret, turret alignment arrow bone screw bits Screw the blade into the slot
2. Clockwise shake the handle, the blade is at its lowest point, easy to put apples
3 .Tooth jacket removed, plug in the Apple, shake the handle clockwise, peeled
4. Press the push fruit device, remove the apples, you can eat delicious apple friends
 Note: Due to the protective blade peeler so well without protective cover, Fixed needle knife and fork with a protective sleeve, oh yes. Pears can Xiaoping Guo and thin points Merchandise using tips: Install Apple, Apple head into the knife and fork, But not the whole knife and fork are studded, leaving one-third of the space, So even if Apple is oval can also cut the skin clean, The apple does not require absolute circular oh. Oh, and the size of the apples are common.
Package included:
1 x Manual Apple Peeler
1 x Fruit Cutter