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Working your way to achieving the physique you want? Why not create the illusion of your desired shape with this Men's Body Slimming Undershirt in the meantime? Instantly reshaping your torso with its firm form fitting spandex, this Body Slimming Undershirt works effectively and serves as great motivation to reach your fitness goals! Hugging your body seamlessly under your exterior cloths, you'll look noticeably toned without any traces of the extra support!  shir


  • Helps to look firmer and more well toned
  • Doesn’t restrict or raise temperature
  • Fits under most any garments
  • Made of special blend of spandex fibers

Size: (Chest Circumference)

  • S: 32 - 39 inches
  • M: 40 - 45 inches
  • L: 46 - 52 inches
  • XL: 53 - 62 inches
  • XXL: 63 - 70 inch

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