Mini Flexible LED Light USB Fan Clock Desktop Clock

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Time Clock: Green and Red Index 

available colors: Silver (shell) 

Gindart Item code: IH-603-GR

LED Emitting color: green red 

gently adjust the flexible neck of the USB fan in the wind position anyway you want a 

durable soft fan blade will make you free trauma 

energy-saving design: low power consumption 

gentle ray, bright, with or without frequency change, benefit from preventing eyesight 

keep fanning until you unplug the USB fan or turn off the laptop or PC 

, he can check temperature or performing 

source pi DC 5 V direct from the USB 

plug and play port , no external power supply required

USB mini fan with a flexible LED execution 

Length: 40 cm 

Working Volt: 5 V 

operating current: ≤350mA 

Net weight: 54 g 

Product length: 40 cm 

Net weight: 78 g / 2.7 oz. 

Fan diameter: 88 mm 

how to set the time 

1. Connect the fan to the USB port and press the button to turn on the fan and to activate the clock display. 
2. Press and hold the button until the minute hand flashes, and then release. 
3. When blinking, press and hold the button until the hands of the clock begin to spin and release when you reach the desired time. 
4., To make small changes, Press the "SET" button once for each minute. 
5. The time will be automatically saved after 6 seconds without activity. 
6. After the first time, it will stay, if the force, there is no need to install again