Multifunction Infrared Electric Slimming Roller Vibrating Massage. beauty body health anti-cellulite massager

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This is the perfect way to exercise and relax. This lightweight and portable massager can be taken with you on your travels, With an incremental speed dial setting. this product will tone your muscles and tension release while you rest.
Portable and lightweight
Incremental Speed ​​Adjust dial
high rotational speed up to 2500 rpm.
Comfortable soft rubber grip
tones muscles and releases tension
English insid user manual
Plug the power plug into a compatible power outlet
Turn the knob (Power and Speed ​​regulator) to start the massager
Rotate the Power and Speed ​​requlator clockwise to adjust the speed of the shape low ~ high, turn counterclockwise to turn off the device.
after use, turn everything switches to the "OFF" position and remove the Power Plug from the outlet.
Correct use of a mesh cap to protect your hair
BODY Massager Specification:
Power is applied AC 220 V and 60 Hz (note that you need 220 V, thanks)
Power consumption 25 W
Do not use the device if you are pregnant or suffer from heart problems or any physical injuries, and consult a doctor if you are not sure.
only use the device for one hour after a meal.
protect the forms of children.
Do not use the device on the same area of ​​the body for more than 15 minutes at a time.
Do not use the product on the head.
Do not use the device in an environment that exceeds 37 degrees C or 100 degrees F.
If the mesh cover is torn or the cover is severely damaged, Replace immediately by contacting your local authorized dealer to purchase these parts.
If the user experiences dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or any other abnormal symptoms, stop the workout right away. Consult a physician immediatel
Packing include:
Power Speed ​​Controller
head massage
wave Cap
Roller cap
grid covers