Oper Medical Finger Wrist Brace S-shaped Fixed Clamp Orthosis Fracture Sprain Recovery Posture Correction Support 2018 Hot Sale

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  • Brand Name:OPER
  • Item Type:Braces & Supports
  • Model Number:WH-39
  • Effect:Bone Care
  • Material:Cotton, ABS

OPER Medical Finger Wrist Brace S-shaped  Finger Fixed clamp Orthosis  Fracture sprain Recovery Posture correction Brace support


Suitable for the crowd:

1.Thumb sprain or fracture

2.Wrist sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome

3.Osteoarthritis, wrist dorsal ligament inflammation

Product Structure:

1.plasticity  PP support plate

2.Aluminum alloy support bar

3.Four straps

Product Details:

1.The palm part is S-shaped, naturally curved

2.Wrist part is concave, with ergonomic design

3.Curvature of the palm design, ergonomic

4.Free adjustment of tightness