Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking Picnic Utensils Cooking Tool Set Cookware Pot Pan + Piezoelectric Ignition Canister travel Dishes

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. perfect outdoor cooking set: Camping Bowl Pot, oven 
. both the pan and pan have folding handles for space saving and compactness; the handle is foldable and easy to store, with a silicone tube cover to protect your from burning. mesh bag is included as a gift 
. furnace: made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which can become high temperature and body weight; The high-energy piezoelectric ceramic ignition system make it a very comfortable outdoor camping or tourist destination. compact and foldable design in combination with a suitcase to increase handling
. This set is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, emergency preparedness, or as part of a survival kit 

technical data:

. Color: As Pictures Shown 
. material: aluminum alloy 
. Pot Size: 122x105mm 
. cover Size: 115x60mm

. Fire disk size: 95 * 95mm (20CM diameter suitable for cookware over, better for 1 to 3 people) 
. Rated power: 3000 w (3.5 minutes to boiling and a liter of water, according to the real test of aluminum pot) 
. advantage: Suitable for diversified gas pot 
. Use: Automatically strike fire 

Package Contents
. 1 x Picnic Bowl Of Cooking Pot 
. 1 x Mini Camp Cooker

Tips: Do not include a bottle of fuel