Pink Armor Nail Gel

MSRP: $12.29
(You save $6.00 )

The mystery of Pink Armor Nail Gel lies in its Keratin rich gel, which works from directly under your nails to reestablish them to a sound state. Presently you can say farewell to battered nails by essentially brushing Pink Armor Nail Gel on your nails. It will give a sufficient covering and support to your frail and harmed nails. On the off chance that your nails have been harmed due to gels, paste or acrylics at that point Pink Armor Nail Gel can work ponders and reestablish them to the most ideal shape. Pink Armor Nail Gel can be utilized as a base coat to extraordinary impact. The whites will look more white and brighter, while the nail beds will look pink as they ought to be. On the off chance that you have as of late manicured your nails then you can improve its life span by applying Pink Armor Nail Gel as a best coat over your picked nail clean. Pink Armor Nail Gel is to a great degree flexible and each time you have it on, you'd have nailed your look to flawlessness.