Professional Laser Picosecond Pen Tattoo Freckle Removal Mole Spot Eyebrow Pigment Remover

  • False Eyelash Craft: Machine Made
  • Size: 19*3.5*3.5cm
  • Type: Blackhead Remover
  • Brand Name: gustala
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Function1: Tattoo Removal, Eyebrow Makeup Cleaning
  • Function2: Dark Spot/ Freckle/ Pigment Removal
  • Function3: Acne Treatment, Skin Care
  • Skin Mole Removal Machine: Salon Home Beauty Care
  • Without hurting, without blooding: painless,without blooding


What is distinction between Blue light picosecond pen and Red light picosecond pen?

The power and impact of blue light picosecond pen is increasingly more grounded, it need more professionl task, you need to wear the goggles when you utilize the blue one. You need to press the switch catch when you utilize the blue pen, while you don't need to for the red pen.

The blue laser pen has 9 yield mode, diverse yield recurrence and wavelength.

The red laser pen has 3 yield mode, nonstop yield, Interval 1-3 seconds yield and Interval 5-7 seconds yield .

We recommend to utilize red pen persistent yield mode to expel tattoo.

We recommend to utilize blue pen to evacuate spot, mole and spot and ect.


1. Tattoo removal(Only chip away at dark shading tattoo)

2. Mole expulsion

3. Dull Spot/Freckle/Pigment expulsion

Favorable position:

1. Productive - The laser bar can successfully resolve melanin into fine particles, in order to advance skin digestion and diminish melanin stores.

2. Quicker - Faster laser pillar and progressively centered laser vitality to clean and evacuate long-standing melanin issues.

3. Compelling - More dominant laser shaft, cause no harms to skin tissues and clean more exhaustively.

4. Far reaching - Reduce spots and dull spots, refine skin from inside way.

5. More secure - No harms and damages to skin tissues, safe to utilize.

Bundle Includes:

1x Laser picosecond pen (Red or Blue, send as you pick)

1x Charge Cable; 1x Safe Goggles; 1x Manual


1. Before utilize the picosecond pen, the skin ought to be covered with Anesthetic.

2. After use, it ought to be covered with fix Plaster to anticipate bacterial disease.

3. If it's not too much trouble begin from the least dimension, at that point gradually conform to the appropriate dimension.

4. The google we send isn't for the operater, however for the general population being treat. The work should wear UV insurance goggles while working.

Utilizing Steps:

1. Fitting in the power, and the machine is energized,the computerized cylinder shows

2. Press the "Inten" and "Fre/Hz" catch to choose the power and frequency.we recommend

begin the activity from the most minimal force and recurrence, at that point redesign as required.

Note: 9 level is most minimal recurrence for Blue laser pen. 3 level is most minimal recurrence for Red lase pen.

3. Covered with anesthesia on the off chance that you fear torment, there will be a little torment when utilizing the laser pen,feels like intravenous infusion.

4.Wear defensive glasses

Note: Blue laser pen need to wear defensive glasses since it continues blazing ,while Red lase pen needn't bother with

5.Put the gap of the pen towards to the spot where you need to work with , for Blue laser pen,Continuously

press the Switch catch , then laser light appears,stop squeezing the Switch catch following 1-2 seconds, at that point Repeatedly.

Note:for Blue laser pen ,we recommend Do NOT remain in a similar area for over 2 seconds.

for Red laser pen,we propose Do NOT remain in a similar area for over 1 seconds.

6.Red light and blue light affect melanin,after task , you will see the mole turn more black,then you can stop , following a couple of days, it will blur and even disappear.for some mole , it will Cocoon, don't crush it ,leave it shedding Naturally.

7.Cover with fix pith without a moment's delay after operated,repeat to utilize fix embodiment in the accompanying days,Do not open to the sun,otherwise the skin will be sunburned and turn red.

8.Repeat to do this each couple of days if necessary


Prior to activity, it is prescribed to rehearse over and again on dark (paper on other shading has no impact) ,at that point work to the face after gifted practice.

Note:(Please Read Carefully!!)

1.Before utilize the picosecond pen, the skin ought to be covered with Anesthetic.

2.After utilization, it ought to be covered with fix items to help fix skin , forestalling bacterial contamination.

3.Please begin from the most reduced dimension, at that point gradually conform to the reasonable dimension.

4.Blue laser pen: 9 level is most reduced recurrence. Red lase pen: 3 level is most minimal recurrence.

5.Do not remain in a similar area for close to 2 seconds while working.

6.Both Red light and blue light just affect melanin.

7.Before activity, it is prescribed to rehearse over and again on dark paper to decide the ability and after that work to the face.

8.Let the scab shedding off naturally if there is a scab.

9.Do not utilize chafing or edginess healthy skin items

10.Avoid presentation to the sun

11.Do no eat sun Sensitive sustenance like soy sauce ,bean stew sauce,seafood , Lemon, carrot, papaya, celery, lettuce,

potatoes, parsley, leeks, assault, oranges, ocean growth, snails, spinach, figs, leeks, red beans.

12.Do not cosmetics

13.Avoide spread with water in 7 days after worked , you would be wise to don't wash your face or the spot which just worked, beacause waters contain microscopic organisms, infections, and some overwhelming metal ions.The skin is exceptionally delicate and sensitive,it may cause disease

14.slightly wash your face with a sodden cotton swab.avoid the worked spot ,dodge contamination brought about by ill-advised consideration, and dry the water in time

15.Prohibit the task of the picosecond in the situation of the prosthesis on the face.


The hypothesis of Picosecond pen is utilization of a laser to straightforwardly separate the melanin particles of the pigmented nevus .Usually talking , After a laser spotting,It will take a couple of days to fix , and in the event that it is washed following the laser spotting, it will effectively prompt irritation.

Furthermore, the injury scarring will be invigorated by water and it will rapidly tumble off when the injury isn't fixed. The recuperation time frame after the augmentation was broadened. Thusly, inside 7 days after the laser spotting, it is propose not to wash the face as indicated by the standard strategy, and it is smarter to clean it with a swab saturated with water.