REMAX 4.2 Bluetooth Magnetic Pair Speakers Portable Wireless Stereo Best Sound 2.0 High Definition Sound Speakers for Pc/phone

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Can be a single sound, suitable for their quiet enjoyment of music. Can also be paired with two successful vocal, your music party essential assistant

1. Using ABS high-quality scratch-resistant material, transparent material to demonstrate the internal structure.

2. Using 4.2 program, the transfer of stable and rapid.

3.RB-M22 magnetism at the bottom, left and right channels attract each other closely, you can also separate the speaker left and right, experience the sound of 2.0 beautiful melodies.

4. Use 3w * 2 internal magnetic speakers, to promote the entire sound field, small size, large energy, while supporting AUX cable input.

5. With original gray silicone printing handbag, It can be hand-held, you can also hang,easy to carry.


Product Type:RB-M22

Product color: transparent color

Product Size: Single audio size: length 67.5mm * 64mm * 89mm

Machine shape: 198mm * 72mm * 69mm

Weight: When a weight of 223g, two together weight 446g,

silicone cover 100g

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Bluetooth distance: 10 meters

Speaker impedance: 4 ohms 3W

Sensitivity: -92dBm

Frequency response range: 20-20kHz

Speaker Specifications: 4 ohm 3w

Output power: when a stereo 3w

Battery Specifications: 3.7v / 1000ma

Charging voltage: USB 5V / 1A

Standby time: 10000 hours at full power

Play time: medium volume can play 8 hours,

the maximum volume is 2-3 hours.

one pair speakers
1xcharging cable
1xaux cable