Silicone Universal hair dryer diffuser Blower



  • Item Type: Styling Accessory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size:Size: 13.8 * 11.5cm / 5.4 * 4.5inch(As Picture Show)



  • Condition: 100% Brand New

    Thing Type: Hairdryer Diffuser

    Capacity: Diffuse the warmth and air from the dryer equally on the hair

    Material: Silicone

    Discretionary Color: As appeared in figure show

    Amount: 1PC

    Width: 6cm/2.4inch

    Measure: 13.8 * 11.5cm/5.4 * 4.5inch(As Picture Show)

    Reasonable For: 4~5cm Nozzle Diameter of the Hair Dryer

    Receiving fantastic silicone, which is high temperature safe and without disfigurement for long haul utilize.

    The foldable plan makes it adaptable to utilize and simpler to put in your purse or cosmetics sack.

    With this hairdryer diffuser, it can diffuse the warmth and air from the dryer equally, which will shield the hair from harm of concentrated warmth.

    It tends to be launderable, extremely advantageous to clean.

    Accessible in 5 hues, you have more options.