Teeth Whitening Scaling Powder Oral Hygiene Cleaning



  • NET WT : 30g

    Size : Moderate

    Ingredient : Bamboo Charcoal Powder Food Grade

    Thing Type : Teeth Whitening

    Item Description

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    100% Pure Activated Charcoal Powder

    Most astounding Quality Food Grade

    Fixings: Pure Activated Charcoal Powder. Nothing else.

    Initiated charcoal is a fine dark powder that is exceptionally permeable. It is made, or enacted, via carbonizing natural issue. Coconut shells are what the greater part of the enacted charcoal is produced using. This procedure builds the sponginess of the particles with the goal that more poisons and debasements can be assimilated.


    It is utilized to douse up hurtful or lethal substances that your body can't process. Actuated charcoal can just retain poisons or synthetic substances that are still in your stomach and digestive organs. The charcoal and poisons are then expelled from your framework when you have a defecation.

    Mitigating properties make it extraordinary to use on different bug chomps and in corrective covers. In cleanser and chemicals, it is utilized to draw out polluting influences from the skin and diminish skin inflammation. As a teeth whitener it assimilates polluting influences and brightens teeth when utilized consistently.