virtual laser keyboard Wireless Projection mini keyboard Portable for computer Phone pad Laptop With Mouse function


• English QWERTY keyboard layout.

• Full size key pitch and shortcut keys for ease of operation.

• Mouse function.                                         

• USB connection.

• Bluetooth connection 3.0.

• Built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for  mobility and convenience

• Compatible with latest operating systems: Windows 7 & later, Windows Phone 7 & later,iOS8& later, Android 4.0 & later, Mac OS X & later.

LED Indicator:


Mechanical guide:

Push back phone stand


Connecting via USB:

•Laser Projection Keyboard is compatible with all USB HID capable operating systems. USB HID connection allows plug-on-play without installing a separate drive.

1.Connect Laser Projection Keyboard and host device using supplied USB Type-C cable.Host device must support USB HID.

2. Power on Laser Projection Keyboard.

Connecting via Bluetooth:

•Laser Projection Keyboard supports Bluetooth HID:

• Connection via Bluetooth HID does not require installation of separate driver as long as the host device has HID compatibility.

• Bluetooth 3.0 or higher required for connecting to some devices. 

Bluetooth Connection Instruction:

1.Power on Laser Projection Keyboard

2. Bluetooth Status LED will be blinking indicating the Laser Projection Keyboard is searching for anew device or  previously paired devices within its proximity .

Laser Projection Keyboard will automatically attempt to re-connect to the recently connected devices

This feature is added for convenience, assuming there is a single host device.

If the Laser Projection Keyboard has re-connect the recently connected devices but it need pair for anew device, Turn the connected device Bluetooth off, the Bluetooth Status LED will be blinking again.

3.On primary device,go to Bluetooth setting;search for Bluetooth devices.

4.When the device discovers” Laser Projection keyboard”,tap to connect.

5.Upon successful pairing, the LED will stop blinking and turn off

Power Saving Mode Guide:

The brightness will change to low level if there is no operation on the keyboard within 30 seconds.

Press any key to resume to standard brightness.

Factory default brightness is the highest level during power on.

The product will be automatically standby if there is no operation on the keyboard within 5 minute.

Press Power Switch to restart the product. 

Making Adjustments:

>Sound Feedback Adjustment

·There are total of 5 levels;sound level remains as adjusted when device is turned offand on.

·To increase sound level:Tap and hold “FN” key and tap ”RIGHT” arrow key.

·To decrease sound level:Tap and hold “FN” key and tap ”LEFT” arrow key.

>Projection Brightness Adjustment

·There are total of 4 brightness levels.

·To increase brightness:Tap and hold “FN” key and tap “UP”arrow key.

·To decrease brightness:Tap and hold “FN” key and tap “DOWN”arrow key.

Mouse Mode:

To change keyboard mode to mouse mode on the keyboard, press the key. The projection keyboard brightness will change to low level.

To Change mouse mode to keyboard mode, on the keyboard, press the key. The projection keyboard resume to standard brightness. 

+Mouse/cursor function is available on devices that support such feature (Most Windows,Android and Mac OS). 

Note: iOS devices do not support mouse function.


Power Bank Function:

Laser Projection Keyboard has high capacity lithium-ion batteries, lightweight, safety, environmental protection.Via the attached cable, not only can power the portable device directly, but also can charge the built-in battery. It provides adequate back-up energy for the wild expedition, traveling, adventure, and travel home.

1. Charging the built-in battery:

The applicable standard cable plug in the computer USB or USB Charger, connect to the  USB Type-C port of mobile power, It will automatic wake-up charging. During charging, the charging LED in blinking.When the LED is constantly on,it indicates charging completed.

2. Use Laser Projection Keyboard to charge other electronics:

Connect the Laser Projection Keyboard to the device through use of USB ports.The power capacity LED will turn on and start to charge the device, Output 5V for use.