Window Windshield Wiper Cloth Clean Tools Washable Fast Easy Shine Handy



  • Thing Type : Sponges, Cloths and Brushes

    Thing Length : 39cm

    Material Type : plastic

    Thing Diameter : 13inch

    Thing Height : 9.5cm

    Exceptional Features : Car wash

    Thing Width : 13cm

    Thing Weight : 110g

    Item Description

    Highlights :

    Ergonomic Handle

    Microfiber Bonnet

    Various utilizations : Clean window inside or outside your vehicle or home!

    Windshield Cleaner

    The Windshield Easy Cleaner is your simple to-utilize windshield cleaning gadget that consolidates a long, ergonomic handle with a microfiber hat.

    Basically shower cleaner or faucet water utilizing a splash bottle onto the microfiber cap, and clean your windshield easily! Use it in your vehicle, difficult to achieve window in your home, TV screens, reflects, and even floors

    Determinations :

    Handle Material : plastic

    Material : Microfiber

    Cleaner Size : 13*9.5 cm

    Length : 39cm

    Net weight : 110g

    Bundle Included:

    1* Windshield Cleaner