Baby Animals Cable Protector

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  • Use with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Slips over the charging cord to prevent damage
  • Decorative & Functional
  • Available in 24 colorful animal cable protectors



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Replacing your phone charging cable every few months can get really annoying! Protect your charger cable with this super-cute Baby Animals Cable Protector. These adorable, baby animal electronics, accessories are designed to slip over your phone’s charging cord to prevent damage and protect it from everyday wear and tear. Decorative and functional, these cable protectors come in a variety of delightful, baby animals! So many cute styles to choose from, you’ll have trouble picking just one! When plugged in, it looks like your baby animal is chomping on the side of your device. Cable protectors can be used with smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Baby Animal Cable Protectors available in; Shark, Seal, Orca Whale, Dolphin, Gray Shark, Polar Bear, Penguin, Fish, Cat, Dog, Pig, Mouse, Panda, Koala, Lion, Hippo, Hedgehog, Crocodile, Turtle, Duck, Chameleon, Bunny, Frog and Axoloti

Cable protection

1 or 2-Pack of Anti-Snore Nose Clips


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