Bunion Corrector Platform Sandals

$60.00 $29.97


  • Made of soft & durable rubber
  • Treats bunion toe painlessly
  • Stylish sandal with a comfortable base
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Size: 5 – 10.5
  • Great for casual parties as well



Want to avoid bunion pain but don’t want to go bland on fashion and style? We have these big toe correctors for you.

The Bunion Corrector Platform Sandals wrap around the big toe, creating a secure hold on your foot. Fashion for your feet that’s cute and comfortable!


They are the new go-tos for footwear! They say, “I’m stylish, but love to be comfortable,” and feature a trendy toe ring design, so if you have bunions, you can hide them in style. Made with vegan leather and featuring a platform insole, they’re the perfect shoe to style with any look! 

The bunion corrector sandals are flattering, light in weight, trend-forward and of course, effortlessly walkable. These sandals are perfect for wearing on those daily walks to work, school, store or cinema.

Choose from a wide variety of fashionable colors: Gold, Silver, Brown, Black, Animal Print, Yellow and Purple. Say hello to chic bunion footwear!



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