Cat Self Groomer Brush

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  • Cat self grooming brush
  • Provides instant rubbing pleasure to your cat and dog
  • Collects dander and loose pet hair
  • Snap securely on walls or furniture with double tape
  • Compartment for adding catnip
  • Clean the collected hair after a week or two
  • Easy to wash and clean
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Cats groom themselves. Yep, absolutely true. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to make some extra effort to keep her clean and healthy.

But you don’t have all day to brush or scratch her fur. Heck, even a few hours seem hectic to adjust to your tough routine. And when you manage to do that, she just won’t stop rubbing its fur with you. So, do you skip brushing or scratching entirely? Ah, poor kitty.

Your cute fluff ball deserves all the extra care in the world and with this cat self groomer brush, now she can get easy access to all rubbing pleasures.

Bonus: The rubbing gives scratching satisfaction while the bristles simultaneously remove loose and shedding hair.


  • Cat grooming brush: Cats love to groom and this self groomer brush provides your cat with a gentle, self-massage, every time he/she rubs up against it!
  • Interactive cat toy: This cat self brush massager slash cat self scratcher is sure to be your cat’s new favorite grooming tool! Every time your kitty brushes up against it, the brush removes all of the loose hair, holding it in place, for an easy clean-up. 
  • Easy to attach: The cat wall brush fits all wall corners or table legs and mounts quickly and easily on either flat walls or corner surfaces. Using either double-sided tape or screws, to mount the backing,  the brush can be easily removed for cleaning and then replaced again, when cleaned. Super convenient and long-lasting!
  • Easy to maintain: The brush can be snapped in and out of its frame for simple maintenance. Durable and easily cleaned, the Cat Self Groomer Brush is made of easy-to-clean plastic. Add a little cat nip to the compartment on the side, and your cat will find it absolutely irresistible. Simply hand-wash the self groomer with natural soap (free of abrasive materials) and rinse thoroughly.

How can you get your cat to use a self groomer: When choosing a location to mount your Cat Self Groomer Brush, keep in mind that you need to install it on the corner or wall, at a level that’s comfortable for your cat to reach. Place it according to your cat’s height, for easy access.

This makes it ideal for your cat to rub, remove, and collect the loose hair so that your house stays furball free! Your cat will love this self massage brush!


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