EasyGlide 500 ML – Waterbased

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Product information

Product number: EG002
Brand: EasyGlide
Colour: Transparent
Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service
Content: 500 mL
Original name: EasyGlide 500 ML – Waterbased

More specifications

Weight: 580 gram
Package size: 18x10x10 cm
Origin: The Netherlands


Product information

  • 500 ML
  • Also comes in 1 liter
  • Water based
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Content: 500 mL

EasyGlide is a high quality, water-based lubricant produced by a certified German manufacturer. The special, non-fat composition is easily removed with water and does not leave any marks, even during passionate moments. With a consistency that feels pleasant on the skin, is not sticky, as well as excellent lubricating properties and an optimal amount, EasyGlide is ideal for fulfilling and carefree sex.

The basis for a carefree and sensual atmosphere is trust in the partner – just as essential is the confidence in all products that are linked to lovemaking and that come into contact with the genital area. For concern free intercourse, it is advisable to be pay attention to the following points at the time of purchase:

The CE Mark, which in accordance with the Medical Products Act identifies a legal medical product that is suitable for the genital area.
The identification mark “latex condom compatible”, which guarantees the compatibility of the product with condoms.
A detailed description.

With EasyGlide, we offer a German quality product that complies with these three criteria and assures you with our wide variety of products for your individual needs and preferences.

– Waterbased
– 500ml

Ingredients: aqua, hydroxyethylcellulose, citric acid, glycerin, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

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